Architectural Design & Drafting

We convert your ideas into deliverables which guide your project from its inception to completion.
The initial stage of any project is architectural design. Here, our clients' ideas begin to take shape as we convert their requirements into drawings. Our draft specialist then refines these drawings to produce formal specifications which other professionals interpret in the latter stages of the project. Examples of deliverables produced during the architectural design and drafting phase follow:
These reproductions of technical drawings guide the latter stages of the project for all professionals involved. Formerly referred to as blueprints, that term has all but disappeared from common usage. In today's usage, 'plan' is a general term usually synonymous with house plans or floor plans.
Three-dimensional (3D) renderings
Computer-Assisted Design (CAD) models take as their input, the technical specifications of the project, and output 3D, digital renderings that let clients visualize their completed projects at the start.
Scaled Models
A three-dimensional (3D) scaled model of the project presents a tangible deliverable based on the technical specifications of the client.