About Us
Company Profile
Our Mission
At Baley PMC Inc., we are committed to providing excellent service to each client. We facilitate a unique experience for your customized project irrespective of size or scope. We work with integrity, dedication and collaboration, to provide quality service on time, within budget and in one attempt.
Our Vision
To become a leader in all sectors of the construction industry, and its peripheries, through collective work engagements. To consistently provide the highest level of service with integrity and professionalism from concept, design development, to construction through creative and high performance execution.
Our Story
In January, 2016, Sunil Baley and a core group of supporters set out on a quest to make 'Baley' synonymous with quality, expertise, service and satisfaction in the fields of project management and construction. Armed with academic knowledge and skill acquired through years of professional experience, Sunil has led the company through defining moments in its history, revealed in small part by a catalogue of our accomplishments, not the least of which is the ability to keep a host of creative and skilled workers gainfully employed.

Notwithstanding the success experienced since the company's inception, its leadership is mindful of the importance of sustaining and improving its team's collective professional endeavors while honouring its corporate and social responsibility. To honour the latter, the company has contributed to social and academic causes which benefit local organizations because its leadership is one of service to the community.
E-mail: info@baleyinc.com